Meet the Team

Photo of Saira


Saira excels in transforming ordinary celebrations into extraordinary memories. Her keen aesthetic sense, meticulous planning, and empathetic approach set her apart. Her passion and commitment, shaped by a profound love for her work, have made her a coveted wedding planner in the industry.

Photo of Cinzia


Cinzia, an integral part of Saira's team, is a specialist in crafting distinctive destination weddings. With a deep understanding of diverse cultures and meticulous logistics planning, she ensures each event is unique and flawless. Her creativity, tenacity, and unrivaled attention to detail make her an invaluable team asset.

Photo of Scott


Scott oversees vendor relations, expertly navigating a carefully curated network of suppliers to ensure high-quality service. His exceptional communication skills and strong industry relationships guarantee the best resources for each event. Scott's dedication to maintaining robust partnerships is instrumental in upholding the business's impeccable standards.

Photo of Grace


Grace, serving as Saira's personal assistant, displays a blend of diligence and charisma essential for her role. She is instrumental in managing Saira's demanding schedule, ensuring seamless operations in the dynamic environment of wedding planning. Her knack for organization and her keen attention to detail make her a valuable support for Saira and the team.