Wedding Packages

Above and Beyond

Elevate your experience with our Above and Beyond package, designed to cover all aspects of your wedding planning. This comprehensive package is ideal for multi-day weddings or for brides seeking assistance in planning multiple wedding-related events. The ultimate hassle-free planning experience where every detail is meticulously managed for you.

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Full Wedding

We begin by understanding your love story as a couple, and your vision for your most important day. We'll be there from the earliest planning right through to the final moment of execution. Throughout this journey, we'll be more than just your planner — we'll also be your confidante, advisor, and best friend, ensuring a memorable and stress-free wedding experience.

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Partial Wedding

We accompany you on your wedding journey, offering guidance while you maintain primary control. This package is an enhanced version of our Bridal Advisor service, with more design assistance and help with managing vendors, while letting the couple take the lead in most decisions.

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Bridal Advisor

This package is ideal for couples who are ready to actively participate in their wedding planning. We supply you with a comprehensive toolkit and DIY templates to help you stay on course. As your big day approaches, we step in to take charge, ensuring everything falls into place perfectly.

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If none of the above packages meet your needs, we can customize a plan just for you.

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